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An international visual effects company, making stories come alive through inspirational visual experiences

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As part of a New Zealand wide network of VFX artists, Sauce FX Studios provided compositing (more…)


The end of the world looks pretty cold according to the Sauce FX Studios project “ICE”. (more…)

Citizen Intelligent Metal

The third Citizen TV spot completed by Sauce FX Studios for Ogilvy Japan is by far the most ambitious. (more…)


The Zealandia Special Venue Project presented the team with the challenge of creating historical environments (more…)

Citizen CB0011-51L

This Citizen TV commercial was the first in a very successful series that Sauce FX Studios (more…)


Sauce FX Studios received the coveted "Best Visual Effects in a Feature Film" trophy at the 2011 (more…)

Reign of the Dinosaur

With an experienced crew headed by animation director Don Waller, the Sauce FX Studios team LA took on (more…)

Known Universe Season 3

Sauce FX Studios created a literal universe of special effects for National Geographic's (more…)

Citizen Super Titanium

Our brief was to create a photo real watch highlighting the strength of Titanium used in the Citizen (more…)